The Washington Post | Washington, DC


I scored and sound designed this story from Kolin Pope about coffee's existential peril.

Constitutional | Producer, Sound Engineer

Constitutional is a podcast about the creation and reinterpretation of the United States Constitution over the course of American history. It's hosted by Lillian Cunningham. I mixed, reported, scripted, sound designed, and wrote original music for this series. Find more episodes here.

Sonic ID

First Look Media | New York, NY


Politically Re-Active | Sound Engineer, Producer (2016–2017)

Politically Re-Active is a critically successful podcast hosted by comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu. In season one they cover social and political issues running up to the 2016 presidential election. In season two they discuss the building of movements, political resistance, social accountability and revolution in the United States. As the sound engineer and producer, I was very fortunate to help develop the sound design and format of this podcast. Every episode features a 30-60 minute interview with a different thought leader (scholar, activist, artist... etc). A signature element of the show is its use of "cutaways" to allow Kamau and Hari interject in the interview to either offer commentary or clarification on the subject at hand. This sort of enhancement is something that is particularly unique to the show in the podcast marketplace, and something its audience has learned to love about its format. Find more episodes here.

Maeve in America | Sound Engineer (2016)

Maeve in America (MIA) is podcast hosted by comedian Maeve Higgins focusing on conversations about immigration in the United States. For more episodes, find us in your preferred podcast app or online. Below are a couple bumpers for MIA's branded segments that I composed using sampled material, MIDI and VO.


KALW Public Radio | San Francisco, CA


99% Invisible | Radio Editor, Sound Engineer (2014–2017)

99% Invisible is a hugely popular podcast born out of KALW. Because of this unique relationship, 99% Invisible works with KALW to produced shorter, 5 minute versions of their regular length, 20 minute episodes to feature in KALW's presentation of All Things Considered. I was the editor/engineer that made that happen. For more radio versions of 99% Invisible click here.

Crosscurrents | Sound Engineer, Reporter (2013–2017)

Crosscurrents is KALW's news magazine airing Monday through Thursday. Crosscurrents was the first program I worked on at KALW, and earned my chops as a sound engineer under the tutelage of Seth Samuel and Chris Hoff. One of my favorite segments is above. It's an interview conducted by Jen Chien that I recorded, edited and mixed.

FSFSF | Producer, Editor, Sound Engineer (2014–2017)

FSFSF is a weekly comedy program featured as part of KALW's presentation of All Things Considered. Every week our host Nato Green spotlights two comedians performing that week in the Bay Area. I developed and produced this program, choosing content, editing tracking, and mixing every episode. For more FSFSF click here.

Sights & Sounds | Sound Engineer (2014–2017)

Sights & Sounds is a weekly arts program included as part of KALW's broadcast of All Things Considered. Every week host Jen Chien asks a local artist to recommend three events happening in the Bay Area. I mixed this program; again, recording interviews and mixing episodes. For more Sights & Sounds click here.

Kamau Right Now! | Sound Engineer (2014–2017)

Kamau Right Now! is billed as a live radio and social media event, hosted by comedian W. Kamau Bell. I mixed the pre-produced segments played during the live event and also mixed the podcast version. For more Kamau Right Now! click here.

Promos & Bumpers

Original Music

Technical Skills

  • Pro Tools, Adobe Audition

  • Studio recording equipment

  • Broadcast equipment (including ISDN)

  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator


  • B.A., Philosophy, University of Minnesota-Morris, 2012

    • Italian Studies Minor
    • Study abroad, Perugia, Italy 2009-2010
    • Radio DJ, KUMM 2010-2012
  • KALW Audio Academy, 2015

    • A competitive graduate-level course in the fundamentals of radio production