FSFSF is a comedy program that I had the pleasure of designing and producing. It was a collaboration of KALW and Rooftop Comedy. In terms of workflow (1) I assembled the monthly production schedule, researching the comedians and particular bits week for week; (2) tracked our host Nato Green; (3) week to week, edited Nato's tracking, selected music, and mastered the individual episodes.

In March 2015 FSFSF began as a daily 2 minute interstitial between the B and C segments of All Things Considered (ATC). This proved to be a challenging slot both for our audience and production team (i.e. me), so we modified. Since September 8, 2015 FSFSF ran as a weekly segment, airing Tuesdays at 4:45pm as a local feature in KALW's presentation of ATC.

Catalog below.